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by Vernis Bronze Meteore


by Vernis Bronze Meteore


You’re always very fun to talk to! I like to hear your adventures in film school and how that’s going, as well as getting to see your art. You always ask thought provoking questions as well as being a good source of encouragement ~! Its always a pleasure to have you around c:

Oh shit wait there’s more numbers in my inbox! I didn’t see those!

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dude your smile is so cute i can t even do it

ah thank you so much o////o

babe levels are high

ah thank you ♥


My old camera takes such better pictures than the new one.

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I looked up this date wondering if it was a reference to Woodstock but that happened in 1969 according to Google.

How have you been doing? I always wonder what you are up to nowadays. I’m sorry I’ve been so out of touch, but I’m just bad at communication. I was glad to see you at Finale and that you looked well.

Honestly at first I thought you were kinda scary, and I could never get a good read on you. I really like you, and you are still one of the people who are the least predictable it seems. Also, apparently people still think I murdered someone.

I miss you~!

I love my sense of fashion

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“If you leave your game, stay safe, stay alert and whatever you do, don’t die. Because if you die outside your own game, you don’t regenerate. Ever. Game over.”

- Sonic the Hedgehog

Anybody else think that Sonic is just adorable when he’s sitting at the wedding? He’s all like : “Oh my gosh mah friend is getting married I gotta be all proper and hold my hands in my lap!”

I think he’s adorable also when he just stops to talk to that turtle! Especially when he does that little hop thing :)

THE LITTLE HOP THING ANd when in the same gif he runs sort of around/in front of Eggman, I’m surprised the animators didn’t have them do anything

I did not expect that many numbers my goodness


Ah, my fellow Placebo lover

I’m really glad we’ve become better friends. You were right in saying that you thought we would get along really well~ I think you’re a super interesting person and I wish I had the guts to go pick up road kill because man do I want some cool bones. You are the only other person I know to cry at cute cats and I’m very envious that you get to have a rose plant in your room because I want ooneee (but my mother says no D: someday). You are very fun to talk to and I really want to meet you in person some time! c:

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are probably one of my earliest tumblr friends. I really love your blog and totally was following that story of the dude you liked who is now your boyfriend right? Anyways congrats on that! You are always so encouraging about my art and stupid ramblings and bless your mysterious face that I don’t know what it looks like *pets said face* I always love talking to you and I swear your url just gets more and more scandalous over time


No I have nothing to say at all ever. You dork of course I do.

I super love your blog and your posts always make me laugh. You’re a very good roleplayer and I totally wanted to rp with you but was too chicken to ask. And now I’m too busy to roleplay yeaahh

erm… I dunno, you’re a tumblr friend? Oh I totally did not know you weren’t a native english speaker until you said where you were from! Also, I always see your goodnight and morning posts in like the middle of my day and I swear our schedules are nearly opposite it seems.

Also, aloe works wonders for sunburns if you end up getting one on the job~

So rumor tells that the girl who put me through so much shit last year is moving away and won’t be attending next year.

It seems as though the gods have answered my prayers~

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